Upper Bay: May 4, 2013 – Fishers of Men TX

Paul Wiley and Jon Crans win with 26.48 lbs.

Launch Location: Anchor Marine

This was Maryland Divisions 3rd stop of the year and it was held on the Upper Bay – Northeast River. I try to plan each event so that the catch would be at it’s best. I think this one was planned just at the right time. As you can tell from the results, the bags were stellar.

Claiming 1st Place was Paul Wiley and Jon Crans with 26.48 lbs. This is the biggest bag I’ve every weighed in for a Fishers of Men event. This team also took the big bass honors with a 6.73 lbs bass. For their winnings which included 1st Place/1st Place Bonus Bucks and Big Bass – their total came to $959. Great job guys.

Taking 2nd place was the team of Curtis Daily and Stephen Enck. Their 5 bass weighed in at 21.18 lbs – good for $428. Curtis was filling for his brother Don for this tournament.

Finishing in 3rd was the team of Robert Wolf and John Dell with 5 bass weighing in at 20.31 lbs. Their checks totaled $213.

Rounding out the top 5 teams were: 4th place were Tom & Jimmy Rufenacht with 5 bass for 20.27 lbs. They also claimed 2nd Place Bonus Bucks. 5th place team were Don Carter & Brent Thackston with 5 bass that weighed in at 20.08 lbs.

The winning teams claimed grass was key to finding their bass. Reaction bite baits that included – traps & chatterbaits. Teams also had success in plastics flipping into the grass for their bites.

What an incredible fishery we have in the state of Maryland.

Source: http://www.fomntt.com/team/schedule.php?id=3619

Paul Wiley and Jon Crans win with 26.48 lbs.

Paul Wiley and Jon Crans win with 26.48 lbs.